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Friday, February 28, 2014

close to home, tea strainer by Margaret Coote

I thought this would segue nicely into our next theme!

This is a silver tea strainer given to me by my mother. I think it belonged to some very proper ancestor of ours. It's covered with all this beautiful raised ornamentation. I even use it for its intended purpose once in a while!

I sketched it last night on gray toned paper (it looks yellow-er in the scan)


  1. Love your sketch of this special item in your home :-)

  2. nice tea strainer! Giggles mentioned you had a new blog!

  3. Lovely tea ornament, nicely drawn. Yes I'm excited to jump into my kitchen!

  4. What a lovely tea strainer! Nice that it is a family heirloom.

  5. Lovely way to honor the past. Nice job.

  6. Thanks everyone! I'd love to have tea with all of you! :)


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