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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Close to home Statue Sirkka Jalava

I have in my bookcase a statue, white, ca 20 cm high, which may be Sokrates, this ancient filosof in Greece. Why not - I thought at my morning tea, I can try to draw him with a pencil.  I placed the statue so that the light came behind him from two directions. The face were then in the shadow but had a little light indirectly.  I liked to draw this statue. Now I think I should have use coal too. But that would be another story...


  1. Beautiful lighting, beautiful forms, Sirkka!

  2. You make magic with your pencil, Sirkka! Nice choice!

  3. Very good Sirkka, I like the way you did the lighting of the subject.

  4. Great pencil sketch!!! You lit it perfectly so you had lights and shadows. Well done!


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