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Friday, February 14, 2014

Close to Home, Office Clutter by Melisa McCurley

I sketched some of the things cluttering up my tiny home office. Padma, a little elephant I crocheted, a pinwheel I made from a vintage children's book page and an old paintbrush, and my big wooden @. I found out that it is very hard to sketch standing up and holding my sketchbook and nearly impossible to hold my palette at the same time. How do people do it?


  1. Really like this Melisa! Lynn, is this where I leave my email? If so, it's . This will be quite a different thing than sketching around the world, but maybe good to sketch from real life for a while? We've been discussing the issue of using copyrighted photos over at ATCs for All, also. It really limits what you can draw! I'm not sure how soon I'll contribute something, but I'd like to be on the list. Thanks!

  2. Melisa, these treasures are priceless. And so beautifully executed. Hard to believe you were standing on one leg, balancing art journal in one hand, paints resting on your head, and rubbing your head in one direction and tummy in the other!!!! One can NOT tell. So good.
    Well, I normally sit to draw and paint, however I have done it standing, once in a fossil field while dear husband was breaking rocks I was standing up and holding art pad while drawing an earth mover. I rested my paint set on the earth mover somehow. And I used water brush for my paints. So it can be done, which you obviously proved too.

    Lisa R. I will send you an invite to post on the blog. If you stop and figure that the artists here are from "around the world" then if everyone draws something close to home we are at least SEEING things from around the world! ;-) And yes, it's fun to draw from real life!.

  3. oh! this is so nice! and you are a marvelous juggler!

  4. Melisa, you did a great job balancing all your art materials while you sketched standing up! I do that once in a while, and it helps to have a small page to sketch on, a palette with a finger hole, and a water brush if you are using watercolors. I always find my mouth holding a thing or two also. lol Nice collection of items.

    1. Joan, you just reminded me that I think the little palette I was using for this DOES have a fold out finger hole on the bottom. I've never used it and you can't see it from the top so I had forgotten all about it. Thanks! I will just have to figure out how to hold the book and still have my thumb where it can hold the palette.

  5. I crochet toys too never thought to draw them, great idea!

  6. How fun. I'm in love with the pinwheel. With my travel journals I always find a place to sit. While I can juggle balls, I'm not so good with art materials. And I've never felt satisfied with the water brushes, but others love them.

  7. Beautiful, Melisa! And that elephant is so CUTE!

  8. You have found such interesting things to draw.


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