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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Close to Home Lynn Cohen

We have three more days drawing in our first theme: "Close to Home"... On the first of March we start our second theme: "Kitchen" suggested by Lisa Richards. (Remember, you are welcome to suggest a drawing theme at any time, email me). Hopefully, everyone has a kitchen to draw from close at hand, but I also welcome you to think outside the box: restaurant kitchens you know and love, dream kitchens, appliances you just can't live without, lots of food for thought here! Let your imaginations run wild and have fun!

Here is my cup! It was a gift from my best friend, Patty, who I miss miserably since her death last July, ending 72 years of friendship together, but my memories of her are everywhere around me including this cup.

The letters on this cup are Hebrew and they spell EMA or Mother.  We also have one that says Abba or Father, it must be upstairs on my husband's desk. I haven't seen it in ages.

On the bottom of the cup I noticed today that it was made in England!
Drawn very quickly with a Sharpie ultra fine point Permanent Marker
Winsor & Newton watercolors


  1. What a lovely cup and memory of your dear friend.

  2. Although you don't need some thing tangible to remind you of Patty, it is nice to have this. I'm sure you think of her often...72 years is a nice long time to have shared together. Nicely drawn, Lynn!

  3. A lovely reminder..and now a lovely drawing of it to keep a long time too. ❤

  4. That's a cool cup. I know you don't need things to remind you of someone you've known and loved that long, but it's still nice to have something you can hold in your hands that stirs those happy memories.

    1. Thanks Melisa, Cris, Joan and Ann. I wear a narrow, silver bracelet Patty gave me every day. It says "Friends, Forever, Today, Tomorrow, Always"... I'm still working on the always...

  5. A beautiful cup. So glad to have it join all of ours here.

  6. Glad to see your cup too among the others! Your cup tells a lot, I think.

  7. Such a sweet memory I'm so glad you have this mug and shared more about Patty!! Such great stories....

    Hugs Giggles


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