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Monday, February 17, 2014

Close to Home by Joan Tavolott

I think there is a Starbucks almost everywhere. This one was in the Barnes and Noble Book Store at the  local mall. My friend and I met there for coffee and sketching yesterday. It was nice to be somewhere warm, but it was hard to resist all the pastries in the display case until you read the number of calories for each item. lol That made it much easier to stick to only coffee.


  1. Terrific, Joan! I love your peeps, in their Wellies (boots); the tile floor, the whole scene so well captured with your pen and paints. I love drawing at Starbucks too! Great pic!!!

  2. Avoiding the cakes was very restrained of you Joan. That's good, as you used your time drawing this lovely scene.

  3. I really like all the detail you captured of the place! Nice colors!

  4. You have captured the peeps so well and naturally when they stay and wait. And the whole caf´e with details. Good job!

  5. Thanks, Lynn. We went looking for a bigger Starbucks than the one closest to us which really doesn't have enough space to sit and sketch so that you aren't on top of other people.

    Ann, I was good since I knew I had to weigh in at Weight Watchers in the morning. lol Thaks.

    Kim - It was a colorful spot. Thanks.

    Sirkka - Some of them are combination sketches...the torso of one person and the legs of the person who replaced them in line. lol Thanks.

    Margaret - Want a cappuccino? Thank you.

  6. Mind telling me in which state you reside?

  7. Wonderful sketch, Joan! Starbucks is dangerous to the waistline. Some of the coffee has as many calories as the pastries! It's a good thing I like my coffee unsweetened.

  8. This is amazing! I can almost hear the chitter-chatter going on.


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