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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Landscape: Riddle Farm Road Alicia C

This is an oil painting that someone commissioned I make of my backyard area 5 years ago or so, a wonderful place. It was just a country road, but so much more.

The painting is no longer with me but I enjoy this photo, as well as all the other photos of that marvelous place.

I now live like 25 minutes from this place, which in the mountains means practically next door.

The technique involved an underpainting and layers of glazed paint, a technique I enjoyed a lot in art school or whatnot. It took me from September thru December, but not working nonstop.

this is my painting with the actual place in the background

this is a photo with high saturation in Photoshop


  1. Hi Alicia, this is such a gorgeous painting, and what a lovely area you live in. 🎨

  2. Very lovely indeed, thanks for telling its story! Please put your name in the title along with the theme, thanks.

  3. What a beautiful painting and view.
    Happy PPF

  4. Beautiful painting and it reminds me of where I'm grew up in Vermont State.


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