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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Landscape: sunset and power pole Elaine Pang

Here is something I did for fun, to test some paper I'd just bought to try (handmade Khadi paper, from India).  One evening I did the colours of the sunset then ran out of time; the next day I came back and used a brush pen and colour pencil to capture the outline of the power pole.

Sunsets around here have been spectacular lately, which is actually worrying because it probably means the sky is getting polluted...

2017-02-08 Power pole, Mitchelton


  1. I think I'll call this a sky scape and I like it too; but I fear with you regarding the atmosphere.

  2. I really like seeing the painting and the subject all in one photo! I heard you are having a crazy heat wave over there at the moment. Hope you're staying cool! Happy PPF!

  3. Ooh, that turned out fantastically. What a great idea to do small pieces plein air. You captured it perfectly! Visiting from PPF.

  4. Terrific painting Elaine, I love the angle you used on the paper too. I have some khaki paper, it really soaks up the paint, so I have to mix extra for it, but so fun to do.

  5. Thanks everyone. I usually use paper that has a much less absorptive surface so it really was a different experience! But also there were patches that almost repelled the paint, weird.

  6. Elaine, great job on the sunset colors. I have a friend that has been using a sketchbook with that paper. She loves it.


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