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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fall Leaves

Here are some leaves:
I've created a colouring book pages product alongside an internet marketing friend: 

and this autumn themed one is part of the series - drawn with a Sharpie, scanned in the computer, available to colour at will

I went ahead and coloured them in with MS Paint - it took a long time! I can't even imagine trying to do this with actual pencils/pens/markers.

Where I live the leaves are starting to turn and fall - I guess that's why they call if 'fall'

for more colouring book doodles visit here: 


  1. Very cool! I have been making my own doodle pages to color for the past 6 years. I was thinking of making pages. How is that working for you? Hugs, Rasz

  2. Alicia, the colors are really beautiful!

  3. This is such a striking piece of artwork Alicia. I love it. Thanks for explaining your process too.


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