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Friday, August 26, 2016

Skies, Ann Hyde

Acrylic on canvas...



  1. Ann....This is gorgeous. I am still working on being able to paint waves and ripples like in our creek. They are so hard for me. I need to study this picture and see if I can figure out the process you followed. Buddy always giggles when I paint pictures of the creek with its ripples and rocks. Have a wonderful weekend. I have not forgotten you all. I will be back soon. This 365 days of Spirit Art Journaling is consuming all of my awake time. genie

    1. Hi Genie, This was fairly easy to paint because it was an acrylic. Basically I put down a Dark Blue, then a couple of strips of Even Darker Blue (almost black). Then some White paint on a Fan brush and 'flicked the paint across the darkest areas at an angle' in the way a wave breaks...tada..done :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jean. It could do with some more work, i.e. a boat or something, but for now it sits looking at me - waiting for that boat to appear, lol :)

  3. very beautiful, Ann...the shades in the color blue...soothing~



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