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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sunrise, Sunset - Ann Hyde

Watercolour aceo (Artist Cards Editions & Originals) they look good in a mount (matt board)


  1. I hope to start joining in more - ...anyway - this is beautiful and i like it mounted like that.

  2. Wonderful light! Soft colors appeal too!

  3. Love the colours- Your painting is great.
    Happy PPF xx

  4. Where's William? I expect to see him romping on the hills. Beautiful wc.

  5. Thanks Lynn, Sirkkis, Jean, Gillena and Penny....your comments are very much appreciated.

  6. The muted colors you used immediately caught my eye. This is my type of picture. I love everything about it. I am curious to know just how small the picture is before the framing ....which looks so good. What appears to be a larch rock formation or a hill in the background is so nice. Lovely piece. genie


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