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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sunrise, Jean Bernick

I painted this from a photo taken a couple of years ago from the campground we stayed in just north of Moab, Utah. It is looking east toward Arches National Park and the light shown through a couple of the arches.So nice to be up at Sunrise.


  1. Love these colors! I feel I'm at the beach at sunset!

    1. Oops! Ok, sunrise! I reacted before I read!

  2. Lovely dreamy colors ♥
    MiSchra ♥

  3. what a glorious sunset! such marvelous colours. I am very taken with this.

  4. So peaceful and beautiful! Great colors and artwork!

  5. Gorgeous painting Genie! I love the beautiful colors in the sky! Your painting really captures the beauty of Moab! I've been there many years ago hiking around Arches National Park. Thanks for the memory and inspiration :) Happy PPF!

  6. What a beautiful and dramatic watercolor painting of the sunrise. I have never been to Utah, but it holds so many treasures I would love to see before I reach the end of my road. This piece is stunning. So lovely. genie

  7. Lovely sunrise! For some reason I'll get up for a sunrise when I'm on vacation, but rarely at home. Nicely done!!


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