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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Peaceful Places, Yoga Class, Donna Bickley

Yoga Class
Yoga C;ass =  Our local mice signed up for a yoga class (designed specially for rodents). Mice are rather high strung, so they especially like the calming exercises, chanting Om... (some of them even learned the Sanskrit for Om as you can see from our pic). The youngsters who are looking on, aren't quite sure hat is going on. The chanting mice find their class a very peaceful place compared to their frenetic daily lives

ACEO, mixed media, mostly Duptsvolot eatercolor pencil. 


  1. I always enjoy the antics of your mice! Obviously there is no cat to be seen SO they CAN relax!

    1. Glad yol enjoy my mices! Thanks for staying tuned!

  2. Love those meeses to pieces! LOL. Your mice are awesome, Donna.

    1. Thanks, Penny! i SEEM TO BE OBASESSED WITH THEM...


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