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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Where I live, more hockey observations, by Elaine (jaguarish)

This Saturday, I was at the hockey fields again, and brought along a different book -- an A5 book of Arches Rough watercolor paper, which I regard as one of the finest papers available.  I'd been discussing techniques with a friend of mine so I thought I'd try her method, which is to lay down a wash of clear water and drop the colour (unmixed) straight on the page and allow it to mix and bloom organically.  I had some trouble getting the right intensity of colour so I ended up layering a bit, but overall it is a pleasing technique and I recommend trying it!

In terms of the actual composition, what I liked about this scene was the dots of colour of the various team uniforms as they ran around the fields, and I didn't have to worry about details as they were all quite far away.  I had a couple of people wander by and inspect my work as I was going along, and that was interesting as well.  I really enjoy talking to people about the pleasure that drawing and painting brings!


  1. Wonderful watercolor! I wish I had more control of the watercolors. :) Looks like you had fun painting it.

  2. I agree your technique turned out well! I love the tiny people and the blue striped socks one one player!


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