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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Harvesting Apples by Donna Bickley

On the theme of Harvesting:

Apple Harvest starring my rodent critters of my Mousery Rhyme Series. ACEO, 3.5 x 3.5", mixed media: watercolor pencil and pen, alcohol ink, inks...
acid free watercolor 140 lb. paper.

Illustration of the nursery rhym:
, Apple Harvest

The finest of pippins that ever you see;
The apples are ripe and ready to fall,
And Richard and Robin shall gather 'em all.
I made this using your theme as the inspiration for this rhyme , Harvesting, in the series I've been working on since October, illustratng nursery rhymes at the request of one of my collectors. Thank you all for the themes cause the inpirations omes in handy.


  1. A lovely whimsical painting, perfect with the rhyme.

  2. How gorgeous! I love the colours and details!

  3. That's one full tree! I love your industrious mice! Sweet story too!

  4. Ein wirklich super süsses Bild
    ich bin begeistert !
    Herzlich grüsst dich

  5. Your mice harvesting apples are ever so cute.

  6. this is such a fun piece of work!I love it!


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