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Friday, April 1, 2016

Stained Glass, Bath Abbey, Ann Hyde

This new Theme - Stained Glass has given me the opportunity to do a painting of Bath Abbey.  Had a trip there a while back and took some photos, one of which was from the front of the Abbey.  It is a big place...and has a lot of windows.  Although from the outside (it is difficult to tell from the photo ref.), but honestly it has some magnificent stained glass in there.


  1. What a beautiful rendering of the church!

  2. You've captured the moment! What a wonderful church painting ♥
    ♥ MiSchra { I love to art journal }

  3. What a lovely watercolor painting ... you've truly captured the moment!
    ♥ MiSchra { I love to art journal ♥ }

  4. I'm sure this was stunning in person! You captured it beautifully,Ann!


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