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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Big and Small, "Big Voice, Smaller Guitar", Lynn Cohen

Okay, maybe I am stretching the theme here a bit; but I  wanted to add one more before the next theme starts up on the 16th! (We'll be going fishing then!) My husband does have a big beautiful voice and he plays and sings daily in our home. (The guitar is smaller than he is). A treat for me to enjoy!

Speaking of the upcoming themes, we only have a few left, so put on our thinking caps please and send me ideas for new themes. What do YOU want to draw here?
( will get me an email with your ideas, THANKS!

I previously this week posted this drawing in Every Day in March for the theme: "Song Lyrics".
My husband likes to sing sea shanti's among other song choices.


  1. Lovely piece! I can just imagine your husband singing happily, music is just wonderful and soothes the soul. Lucky you to have a musical husband ;-)

    1. Thanks, and I do concider myself lucky!

  2. good sketch and great that you have a home filled with music.


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