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Monday, February 1, 2016

Favorite Animals, Lynn Cohen "My One Minute Dog"

I drew this fellow for a very recent assignment in Sketchbook Skool 'to draw a dog in one minute'! I'm sure Ann Hyde (co-hostess of this blog) s dog Williiam was somewhere in my brain, as I called on my imagination to quickly draw my dog!


  1. I thought this looked like William, Lynn you met him in real life, he had an effect on you. lol :-)

    1. Yes, but then how could I not!! People all over the world who have not met him have fallen in love with William through your art!

  2. Cute - .. i remember fondly doing timed sketches - usually 5 or 10 minutes. It's a fun challenge to do. Don't think i have ever done a 1 minute one though.


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