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Friday, December 18, 2015

Drawing What I Observe "Coffee House and Restuarant Drawings", Lynn Cohen

I go to local coffee houses (Starbucks, Barnes & Noble Café, Pure Grain Bakery) and observe the people sitting or standing around, and I draw them. I love giving them conversations or talking about their behaviors that I observe and then make up stories about.
This is something I have been doing  since 2012, and started out doing once a week; now I am more apt to draw in one of these places 4-5 days a week. As a result I have filled many, many
art journals with these people scenes and watched my drawing continue to improve over time.

This is an example of a drawing done in 2012. Maybe you can see my progress.
(and maybe not! LOL)


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. The comment i left you here was gobbledy gook - Obviously I did not proofread. Anyway I like your coffeehouse adventure sketches!

  2. This Theme is right up your street your observational sketches :-)

    1. Yes! Funny Ann, we say "Right up your alley!" Love our two languages!

  3. It is so fun to see how we grow in our art as time progresses. I love your artwork. I especially love the idea you put out in that first one. SO TRUE!!!

  4. Wonderful art-y activity! People and their cell phones, holy cow. Remember before, when you had to dial from home? :D Definitely wonderful improvement over the earlier work! Nice!


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