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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Draw what you see, Donna Bickley

Draw something I see - by Donna Bickley

From my studio window I see a small crabapple tree with reddish brown, fermented apples leftover over from the season - the tree  up against a simple wooden fence.
There has been a freeze and now a warmish time which brought a thaw thus aiding in the fermentation and softening of the apples' interior.
\. I drew the tree from my window view and the robins and other critters were added from my memory and imagination.
I made the tree smaller than reality and the robins bigger to convey the vision in my head of the weight of flocks of a dozen or more robins who came to visit this tree in a 3 day event in which they gobbled fermented apples, were intoxicated and staggered about hilariously. The melting snow , one of my cat characters and a coupla local mouse voyeurs complete the picture you are seeing.
Mixed media on an aceo card, pen, acrylics, and watercolor pencil.


  1. I love this painting Donna, it's colourful and busy with wildlife...great :-)

  2. I chuckled to read about the robins getting drunk on the fermented apples. Here, the lorikeets (small wild parrots) like to do the same thing with the umbrella tree fruit. At least once a year we have some lorikeets flying in crazy loops and even soaring upside down (not to mention their raucous screeching as they get inebriated)!

    1. Thanks for sharing your drunken birds story. Where do your birds live (and you, I presume)? They sound very colorful.

    2. Hi Donna
      I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (a long day's drive north of Sydney, on the east coast). I used to live in Los Angeles, and before that, Tucson!


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