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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Texture & Patterns, Bottles, Lynn Cohen

Pattern of bottles drawn for todays prompt of "Whiskey Bottles" for Every Day in November.
I'm not a friend of alcohol having grown up in an alcoholic household. Let it suffice to say I toast with water!


  1. What a great pattern Lynn...this would make a terrific design on tea towels and other kitchenware.

  2. this is so fun and i like how you tilt and position the bottles creatively. thanks for all your artworks in this theme Lynn. I enjoyed it much!

    1. Thanks, and thanks to you for all our wonderful prompts of late Elisa!

  3. Beautiful bottles and cheers to you and your water! :)

  4. nice drawings :)great variations in the bottles

  5. Absolutely loving the bottles sketch. :)


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