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Friday, October 30, 2015

Work life, George Street (Brisbane), by Elaine (jaguarish)

I've been drawing every day this month because of Inktober and trying all sorts of new color combinations and even different paper.  Below right is a lunchtime drawing, using Noodler's Habanero (love it!), from an outdoor cafe area which overlooks an open courtyard on a street corner.  A statue of Queen Elizabeth had her back to me and I was drawing while eating my meal, when suddenly hordes of construction workers started streaming through the area around the queen.  It was early afternoon so perhaps they had all just finished their shift -- a high rise office building is under construction about a block from there and has been going up and up for about a year.  I found out recently that the office I've been working in (on secondment) will be moving into that building next year.

So this is sort of a work related sketch on a number of levels...


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    1. thank you! I have been also enjoying your sketches of children - sorry not to comment more often but my phone isn't "smart" enough for that and I only view this site from a regular PC on the weekends.

  2. I love how you wrapped this all around your work and the work of others! Wonderful job on the Queen!

    1. Thanks Lynn, this statue is notable for its more modern, less posed stance and I have been wanting to sketch it for a while. I certainly must draw it from the front sometime.

  3. These are lovely sketches. You have packed so much detail in with limited number of lines. I guess this is the beauty of sketching.Loved the colour of the ink, i think it brings the drawing to life.Happy PPF :)

  4. Thanks everyone - Özge, I had originally thought this ink would have to be only used for "pop" and accent, but love its color shading within each stroke (noticed it when I was writing with it). So I went ahead and tried it for drawing -- and I love the result! It's amazing how much happiness the color brings me. :)

  5. What a wonderful contrast. Such graceful lines--elegant simplicity.

  6. Lovely to see what you have been doing with Inktober Elaine.

  7. so relaxing to see your sketches elaine. the ink is lovely and the name says it all. thanks for sharing a snippet of your work life. :)

  8. Thanks for the positive comments everyone!


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