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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Theme: Working Life

Post #3

Encouraging children to bloom was so awesome!


  1. Such beautiful drawings of the kids CL. I agree with you about working with children. they are an inspiration to us more than we hope to be an inspiration to them. Are you working there full time? What do you teach them? :)

  2. Thanks Elisa! When I was younger I was a Director over a nursery at a church. The last 8 years I have spent keeping two young girls as soon as they were born. Both are now in school full time, but I still keep them when I can. Over the last 8 years we covered a lot of subjects: Art, Bible lessons, history, math, reading (all the core subjects). For example, if we are learning about the life cycle of butterflies we will count the butterflies, do wooden puzzles about the life cycle, read a story about butterflies, do a nature walk (exercise), and then do an Art lesson about butterflies. This way the child really remembers the subject better.

    1. thank you for sharing your wonderful experience in teaching. i enjoyed knowing more about what you do. keep it up! :)


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