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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Art Of Watercolor: Farewell Nick Simmons

Art Of Watercolor: Farewell Nick Simmons


  1. Although I never met Nick in person, I "met" him through an interactive art website (wet where he was always so friendly, supportive, and kind to other artists. I have followed his career for years, and often thought about taking a workshop with him. His paintings were so innovative and lovely. He will be missed!

  2. I'm unfamiliar with this artist. I'll look his art up. Sorry for the loss!

  3. Nick was the one who convinced me I was a talented painter. He is the main reason I did a successful show in the arts precinct of this city.

    He is the main reason I nearly got to Shang-Hai.

    He is the one who introduced me to Carol Carter.

    We corresponded a lot. He was a mate. A mate.

    God Bless you Nick. I love you, mate.



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