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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

All kinds of trees, chocolate box assortment, by Elaine

Hi everyone, it was great to come back to see how busy you've all been and see the great variety of trees.  I seem to have done lots of trees but here are a few of my favorites:

Lego tree - Pitt Street Mall - Sydney, New South Wales
watercolour on 'stone' paper (Repap/Ogami notebook)

Flame trees (one yarn-bombed) - Blackwood Street, Mitchelton (Brisbane), Queensland
ink & watercolour

Pine tree, Mashobra Street, Mitchelton (Brisbane), Queensland
bent nib fountain pen

New Farm Park, Brisbane, Queensland
watercolour first, followed by ink lines

Weyba Creek, Noosaville, Queensland
drawn by focussing on the negative spaces between branches


  1. What a lovely assortment of trees!You've captured some great ones.

  2. Elaine, lovely assortment of trees! I love the shading and color on the trunk of the one from New Park Farm.

  3. Nice grouping of trees of all types!

  4. Wow Elaine, what a great collection of trees, you have been very busy painting these. I particularly like the bent nib pen one.

  5. i can see your love for trees Elaine. I enjoy them all particularly the last one :)

  6. Good to have you and your art here. Thanks for sharing this wonderful collection of trees!

  7. Thanks everyone - trees have such personality when looked at individually! Here in Australia I'm lucky to see so many different kinds as people from around the world have brought their favourites from around the world to grow here.

  8. I especially like the negative painting you did on the last tree. I have a difficult time with that process.


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