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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Activities People Do Inside and Outdoors, "At Starbucks", Lynn Cohen

I like turning my people in action drawings into cartoons of a sort. At least giving them some conversation even if they are just thinking to themselves, like the guy on the left, who kept chuckling to himself while being on his laptop, as I drew him. Or the weird conversation between the two women on the right.

I found a new art supply (for me): General's Pastel Pencils! Less messy than squares of pastel chalk, and nicely textured and easy to smear or/smooth out the colors with my fingers. I enjoy discovering new things to play with. Someone suggested I use Q-tips to do this. I must remember to pack some with my supplies I take with me.

This was a fun theme for me as it's right up the alley with what I draw all the time.

The next theme will be a challenge for me. I look forward to what everyone brings to the blog  with their night scenes!


  1. You always have some characters to post. This theme was right up your alley. Nice sketches!

    1. It sure was! It's what I do, drawing in public places! Documenting life as I live it!

  2. such a fun scene.. are those really the conversation of the women? lol enjoyed your sketches for this theme. keep it up!

    1. Thanks Elisa. I am totally responsible for all conversations in my art pieces! They were sitting much too far away for me to be able to hear them. I will continue to draw this way, and I post them on my blog weekly. Get there via my name in the contributors list/link!


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