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Monday, September 28, 2015

Activities People Do Inside and Outdoors, Lynn Cohen

On Saturday last we went to the Free Folk Festival in El Cerrito, California and I enjoyed listening to the music and drawing in each workshop. People sang out doors and inside. Even my husband sang, but I did not draw that. He gets lots of wonderful attention and accolades when he sings. This time was no exception.

These women are part of a group called "Out of Harmony's Way" and they meet up monthly in Berkeley, CA about 45 minutes from where we live. A guy invited my husband to join them. I think we'll go. He'll sing, and I'll draw! Stay tuned!


  1. A folk festival sounds like such fun. Great sketches of all the people participating.

    1. Thanks, I drew 30 of them total!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wow your husband sings? that must be lovely! wonderful sketches lynn.. all those people feel so alive. can't wait for your next sketch!

    1. Thanks, yes, he has a deep wonderful voice. I am lucky. I get free concerts nightly.


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