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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer/Winter Madness, Donna Bickley

Summer/Winter Madness

Piggyback Hiking - Papa Piggy and son, Percy are hiking in the Boarback mountains amidst the wild flowers, clear air and  a view of the mountains and the clouds adorning them.
Balancing Act - 3 critter pals, a cat, a mouse and a piglet are trying out their surfing balancing act. Wish them well...

Spirit of '76, critterfied - A local mouse, cat and piglet are celebrating this 4th of July by posing for a tableau of The Spirit of '76 (aka Yankee Doodle), a parody of the 1875 painting by Archibald Willard.

 Mouse-Surfing" - Mortie Mouse and his teen sons have taken to the ocean on Mortie's new surfboard. They are having a ball on the waves...

 Johnny Mouse - "A Wild One" - is ready for a road trip in his Marlon Brando style motorcycle cap, his black leather jacket, his dark shades and astride his favorite ride.


  1. by Donna Bickley
    These are all aceo's 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches. My critter family has been very active in the last month! I don't know how to edit my post, thus this comment!

  2. These are fun paintings Donna...lots of summer madness going on with your critters :-)

  3. Donna, these are so fun!!! I love them.

  4. These are such fun! Glad you posted them all!

  5. Thanks and that is just the tip of the critterberg!

  6. Thanks for a smile and they all!


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