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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer/Winter Madness, Newness by Elisa Choi

This painting was inspired by a photo from a friend who went to Baguio, a province in the Philippines which is famously called as the Summer Capital because of its cold weather. I have never been there but maybe someday.

Take care all!


  1. So serene, beautiful colors. Love this!!!

    (Elisa, please send me your list of suggested themes, as I have misplaced it. Thanks. I will post them this time)

  2. Fabulous painting the colours.

  3. thanks all! that place was up on the mountain and it feels like magic to me. :)

    Ps* Lynn, i have sent another email to you now. :)

  4. Great colors and feel to this...a place I would happily visit. Nice!


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