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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Summer/Winter Madness, Beach Crowd by Joan Tavolott

Here in the USA this is 4th of July weekend. I went to the beach on Friday and I think half of the world had the day off for the holiday. The beach was packed...and I didn't draw all of the people. This was started directly in watercolor and then the ink was added, and then more watercolor.


  1. Nice job done on your beach scene. The crowds made us decide to stay home this 4th of July. Not easy painting at the beach. Last time I tried to we were in Jamaica & the wind blew my water color painting away until another tourist retrieved it for me.

  2. That was a lot to take on Joan...all those people! Lovely scene of the holidays :-)

  3. such a busy scene of people and you have expressed it so well with your loose paints and ink. great work joan!

  4. CL Christian, thanks. It is a challenge to paint at the beach. I get sand in my palette sometimes which doesn't make for good painting.

    Ann, thank you!

    Thanks so much, Elisa.

  5. Great job on including all that humanity!


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