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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Favourite Meal, Ripe for picking, Ann Hyde

Well, not a meal exactly, but part of....our cherry tree is loaded with fruit and nearly ready to enjoy...

although, we won't actually be eating them - we let the birds enjoy this feast!


  1. Nice, Ann...I like that you let the birds eat the cherries. I hope you attract a lot of beautiful birds.

    1. Thanks CL, mostly pigeons who sit on an arbor next to the cherry tree, but hey they enjoy them :-)

  2. Oh dear, lucky birds, but I would definitely want to share in the bounty! I love cherries. Your drawing is very delicate and lovely, Ann.

  3. Hey, Ann. Our theme this week in 30/30 is cherries. LOL. I think yesterday was National Cherry Day.


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