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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Favorite Meal, Lynn Cohen

Not a picture of the meal itself, but the results of the way I am now eating and have been for over two years now. Taking on a Whole Foods lifestyle (Vegan, Organic)  has changed my life in wonderful ways, all healthy! (good bye being pre-diabetic; good bye acid reflux/gerd; good bye high cholesterol; good bye excess weight; good bye medications; hello FEELING GOOD and LOOKING BETTER!

"Transformation" was a prompt for Every Day in July challenge! So this drawing is doing double duty!


  1. Great way to sketch the results. Good sketch.

  2. Congrats on your transformation! I too have been on a weight loss transformation. Scroll through my blog and you'll see. I love vegan, whole foods and raw foods but am a vegetarian. Feels good doesn't it? (Visiting from PPF)

  3. I have not lost weight eating vegan, because there is something about Quantity, I think . . . and I still eat bread, gluten free when possible, but it is loaded with calories, so more discipline is required. The only time I lost a lot of weight was when I went to only RAW foods for 5 years. But I got so bored. LOL. Congratulations, Lynn! Great drawing, too.

  4. Lynn so proud of you. Myself I losted 44 lbs. in 2 years when I retired by changing my diet. Happy for your lifestyle change WONDERFUL. :-)


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