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Saturday, May 2, 2015

My whimsical cat-toon interpretation of the theme, Water, inspired by the song "Cool Water" which was a hit tune by The Sons of the Pioneers, when I was 5 years old! Thus, an oasis!

Cool Water (song)
written by
Hank Williams
recorded  by The Sons of the Pioneers, 1946

"All day I face
the barren waste
without the taste of water,
cool water
Old Dan and I
with throats burned dry
and souls that cry
for water,
cool, clear, water"


  1. Love this post Donna. Your painting and the lyrics from the song.

  2. Fun to see the lyrics and the painting as well!!!

  3. The lyrics explains well the whimsical cat-toon:)

  4. I remember that song! Now I am humming it in my head. LOL. Your cats are so versatile!

  5. Really enjoyed your interpretation, made me smile!

  6. Fun to remember old songs this way. So colorful and fun this is!


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