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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

People in Cafes, "This Monday Starbucks", Lynn Cohen

Guess where we went on Monday morning this week? This group of folks seems to always be there right in front at the first tables as you come in, sometimes there are different people, but its a cohesive group; not sure if it's all family or all friends or a mixture. But they are fun to draw. Especially the babies.


  1. I love that you go so often you see the same people each time. Great sketch!

    1. Multiple times a week at one spot of theirs or another. Thanks.

  2. Now let me guess - Starbucks? :-) You seem to capture the scene of people so effortlessly Lynn. I really need to try harder :-)

    1. It does feel like second nature now Ann. It's what I do! Perfect theme for me!


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