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Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring, Common Redstart, Lia

This common redstart was drawn from a photo as they are still not back from their winter-homes. When they are back we all know that summer will come soon.


  1. Lovely drawing Lia. I've just looked them up and according to the RSPB we have these in the UK!! that's news to me, I need to look out for them this summer.

  2. I like the texture you rendered. such character!

  3. It is a nice drawing of the bird,Lia! In the spring it is exciting to se, which birds have already come back.We have now many swans eating on the fields and resting. They are probably on their way to continue to far more north, Lapland for ex.

  4. Well drawn!!! I like the colors and shading in the feathers.

  5. I like your use of colored pencils! Happy spring!

  6. Thank you all and thank you, Lynn, for reminding me to post this bird here. Some summer-birds are still arriving. Didn't thought they would arrive that early.


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