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Friday, March 13, 2015

Fantasy Destinations, Venice by Joan Tavolott

I am presently in Myrtle Beach, SC where I was taking an art workshop for the past week....funny how two out of the three paintings I did here were destinations I always fantasize about returning to. Here is my latest painting of Venice done at the workshop. 

If you care to see more about my workshop experience hop (or fly) over to my blog. I've done a post for each day that I've been in the workshop.


  1. Venice has been a place I would like to visit, I didn't think to do a painting of it. Love your paintings Joan and this one with the washing hanging up too is beautiful....what great colours you used.

  2. Thanks Ann. It is hard to see in such a tiny image but there are all kinds of textures from salt and stamping that we learned how to do in the class.

    1. These classes are always very good, we come away with more tips and techniques.

  3. Beautiful streetscape! Love the shapes and color!


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