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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fantasy Destinations, Bamburgh Castle, Ann Hyde

Another castle!   who'd have thought, least me, that I seem to like castles.  Well, to be honest I like the unusual interesting ones.  This is Bamburgh Castle in the North East of England (click the link) and it sits next to the beach, that I think is unusual don't you.    Apparently it was built there because it has a natural water supply and that in turn supplied (and controlled) the nearby townsfolk. 

Check out the


  1. Not surprising. St. Mont Michelle sits in the middle of water! Surrounded. (in France)... we were there last fall. Before coming to visit you! This is another lovely painting, Ann. I love all your castles!

    1. Bet St. Mont Michelle was lovely to see, lucky you. I need to add that to my list :-)


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