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Monday, March 2, 2015

Fantasy Destination, "Downton Abby", Lynn Cohen

Well, I am very smitten by the show, Downton Abby, set in the UK, and I would LOVE to visit this castle one day. I understand a family lives in it and they allow tourists to come through. Of course I'd want to see the cast of the show there in all their finery, as the costumes are my big draw to watching it. This is just a rough sketch almost from imagination and could be any castle, but I'll call it Downton! (my apologies to the real thing!)


  1. You have done a very good drawing of 'Downton Abbey' Lynn....... it's filmed at Highclere Castle I've added a link for you. I would like to see this too, perhaps we could meet up there.

    1. Thanks Ann, and thanks for the link! Would love to meet up there! Think of the drawing ops!

  2. Nice sketch of Downton Abbey! I love seeing the costumes too. Thanks for reminding me. I have to go watch the episode from Sunday.


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