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Thursday, February 19, 2015

The town you grew up in, New Forest, Ann Hyde

I had relatives who owned this little pub.
It has a thatched roof, looks nice
(but personally I always see thatched roofs as
having a compost on the roof, lol)

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  1. How funny Ann. I always see them as charming!!! You drew and painted it well nonetheless. Very charming, indeed!

    1. Lol...I think everyone sees them as charming Lynn, it's just cynical me. I know what it looks like when the old thatch is removed....Compost! :-)

  2. Cute pub! Maybe I'll go in for a pint. I always like seeing thatched roofs on buildings, maybe because they are so different from what we have here. I like their charm. I was fascinated when we were in Kilmore Quay, Ireland to watch them replacing sections of a thatched roof.

    1. Yes it is cute. I can remember many times visiting with my family (I guess because cousins were there at the time) and not for the drink! lol. Thatching is a skilled job, you were lucky to have watched them working in Ireland.


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