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Monday, February 16, 2015

The town you grew up in, Lyndhurst, Ann Hyde

I grew up on the edge of the New Forest, in fact the road I actually lived in lead through to the forest itself.  Now it is considered to be In the Forest, but I think because the New Forest is now officially a National Park, they have ----stretched---- the boundaries somewhat.    We had several towns around us, so for this theme I will visit some of them with my sketching. 

The first is Lyndhurst.  Known as the Capital of the New Forest, my mum and dad were both born there and I had cousins there on my dad's side.

in this sketch I seem to have inadvertently widened the street,
never mind.

here's photo of it from street view

Links you might like to see:

Check out the Location Link below
for Street View Lyndhurst


  1. That looks like such a great town...and a happy place to grow up.

    Sorry I didn't get anything done for the last theme...I hope to do better this time.

    1. Hi Joan, yes it is a nice place. Looking forward to seeing your drawings for this theme :-)

  2. Very nice color sketches indeed! Fresh and spontaneous. In Kansas such places are few and far between.

    1. Thanks very much Jerry. I'm enjoying looking back at the place I was brought up in. Google Street View is being very useful.

  3. More English quaintness. You are on a roll here Ann. Love them all!


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