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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Odd Characters, Penny Stewart, Chimera

I don't draw much from real life, but I admire you all for the sketches you make sitting in a restaurant. Mine are all made up. I like drawing Odd Characters, especially for ACEO cards. These are 2.5 x 3.5 inches. Recently one of the challenges on the NFAC Ebay challenge was to draw creatures (are they characters?) called Chimera, which are more than one creature combined. I created three. They always make me laugh. Hope they bring you a smile.

This is a "Rooster Fish"

"A Web Footed, Red Headed Baby Woodpecker Chicken"

"The Turtle Mouse." 


  1. These are wonderful odd characters, Penny!!! My favorite is the woodpecker chicken...the turtle mouse is a bit scary!

  2. Now these ARE odd characters and great how you have made them up and drawn them :-)

  3. How funny, I said Ann's words in my head before I read them! So ditto!

  4. Thanks for allowing my creatures to be Odd Characters! LOL.


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