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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Odd Charachters, Lynn Cohen

All three of these are SELFIES done as homework for Sketchbook Skool (BootKamp).

I like this one the best for a likeness of myself, I look good in green!
The third Odd Character is a one line drawing with careful observation and focus on detail.
They were all fun to do!
Odder Characters could not be found anywhere!


  1. These are great fun Lynn...are you enjoying Boot Kamp :-)

  2. Yes, very much so Ann. The assignments build on ones we had in earlier klasses (classes). So each of these was done in different techniques from those earlier skills learned. I've done even more selfies since these and am glad we'll be moving on to something different next. I'm quite done being full of myself!

  3. These are so great, Lynn!!! The green one is my favorite...maybe because it looks a lot like you. Selfies are hard to do in ink. Isn't there an assignment where you do one half from memory and one half looking in a mirror?

  4. Thanks for sharing Lynn, I really like the boldness and verve of every one of these!

  5. I love all these selfies, Lynn, and all your art period!!

  6. They are all fabulous! But I love that one-liner!

  7. Thanks everyone for your very generous comments!


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