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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Holiday fun, more Sydney sketches, by Elaine (jaguarish)

Maybe you'd like to see more of Sydney.  The following sketches are centred around Cammeray, in North Sydney.

We stayed in a friend's place which had a huge terrace at tree level, as the hillside dropped steeply away at the back.  All kinds of native birds paid us a visit -- cockatoos, rainbow lorikeets, currawongs (sort of a native crow), king parrots -- and I was inspired to do a quick sketch at breakfast one morning.

We were walking distance from a stunning castle shaped bridge. which connects the suburbs of Cammeray and Northbridge.  I was initially confused by its name, Suspension Bridge (because it is obviously not!) but found out from the plaque that it was converted from a suspension bridge to its current arrangement.  Below is a sketch I did from the Cammeray end on New Year's Eve, with an entertaining stream of partygoers passing through the bus stop I sat in for my sketching session.  I also visited the park below the bridge one morning, Tunks Park, which is a beautiful gorge, wild on one end, and groomed at the other in a huge field ending on a boat harbour.


  1. These are lovely sketches Elaine, and you have brought your area to life for us through your pages and your narrative. It must be wonderful to see these colourful birds in the wild, I would so love to see them like that.

  2. I totally enjoyed going on this trip with you! The scenery and the birds are beautiful. I especially like that castle like entrance way to the city.

  3. Thanks Ann and Lynn - when I first moved to Australia it certainly was amazing to see parrots in the wild when I had only ever seen them singly in cages. Similarly it was amazing to scuba dive and snorkel among the fish at the Great Barrier Reef! As for the bridge, its castle shape fascinated me and I must have sketched and photographed it so many times! It's as you say, it sort of looks like a magical portal. I was sorely disappointed that it did not have a more interesting name. Ha, ha, what a silly thing to be disappointed by!


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