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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Holiday Fun, Sydney part 3, by Elaine (jaguarish)

I've been short of spare time these last few weeks, so again, here are yet more sketches from my 2 week stay in Sydney!  Presented in chronological order:

Parramatta, a historic hub, where we lunched in Church Street (funnily enough, at a Cuban restaurant) then visited Parramatta Park which has the first Governor's residence.  I sketched the top of a building across the street from the restaurant, and sketched a Boer War Memorial in Parramatta Park, sitting in the cool shade of the Governor's Bath House (now filled in and converted to a bandstand).

Northbridge Baths, tidal baths set within the Sydney Harbour foreshore.  There is a grassed area, a small sandy beach and, to one side, boats and kayaks available for hire.  Beyond the enclosure were moored many sailboats, against a backdrop of green hillls and houses across the water.  We spotted jellyfish, fingerlings and larger fish swimming around with us.

Manly, with a busy beach, restaurants and pubs.  While my kids played on the beach and my husband parked the car, I played with a dilute ink wash, and then we went to the marine life centre on the jetty shown at the right end in the second sketch.  The other building is an old style baths house (where people go to change their clothes and shower).  If I'd had time and was on my own I would have loved to sketch its details of terracotta curlicues and tiles.


  1. Lovely sketches and paintings Elaine...I also like how you explain where you are and what the places are like. I can travel via your posts.

  2. Great sketches from your holiday. It must be hard to get in sketching time when you are with your family.


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