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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Holiday Fun, Baking Cookies by Joan Tavolott

I get crazy around the holidays and want to do everything. Baking cookies takes a long time and then they are gone so quickly. lol At one time when I was working I would bake all the cookies I listed. I gave cookies to all my friends at work. This year I only baked 4 different kinds. That was more than enough!


  1. What a great painting of your baking ingredients Joan, I love this :-)

  2. Thanks, Ann. I've said it before, I will sketch anything. Hope you have a sweet day.

  3. Joan you made my mouth water! Especially the reminder of sweet Rugalach! Happy holidays!

  4. I've just seen another artist has painted ingredients for a recipe and I think it's a lovely idea! Really great painting too!

  5. Lynn, thanks. The rugalach are one of my favorites. I even made a few raspberry ones this year. Yum!

    Clare, thanks. I think a lot of people have done this in the past and especially now with Sketchskool being so popular. I think of of the klasses had them illustrate a recipe.


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