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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Characters, Lynn Cohen

It's become our habit to go to Starbucks in the mornings (when I am not working which is four days a week to choose from) so I can draw. Husband brings a book and has coffee. I have a breakfast of their hot oatmeal and fresh blue berries and nuts. And I take out all my art supplies and draw to my hearts content.

This was part of a happy family with a little baby. I think the boy who's on an e-game, back of head to you, is the big brother. Grandma is having the most fun. There were lots more in their party but that is all I drew. The other gal is with someone else I could not see because of the boy.

The guy in the stocking cap is talking sideways to the gal with the red hair.

The third group who made it into my 2 page spread were content over coffee and conversation too. Everyone stayed a long time. Long enough for me to draw and color them too. I only adlibbed a little bit.

What I was most impressed with that no one in the room seemed to be on a phone or an iPad or laptop. Only the kid was using an e-game!

I used the non-waterproof Vision Elite today, and guess what? It did not bleed. It was very dry by the time I got around to paint. I used Daniel Smith watercolors, which are very thick in my little travel pack. I do not know how to use them yet. I am used to pan paints. But I will master these in time. See dark green thick spot on lady #2's shirt/belly. I used water soluble colored pencils too. Prismcolor and Derwent Inktense.  I always want to say Intense.

I'm not sure its so nice to call my "characters" Odd. They are just normal folks out for a pleasant morning. But it's the theme!


  1. It is so nice to see (view) everyone's character sketches for this challenge. Lynn these are so colourful and bright.

  2. Great people sketches and so many in one!!! I don't go out for coffee very often so I don't get to see such clusters of people. Maybe I need to get out more. lol

    1. Joan just go! I don't even drink coffee. Lately I've been going for breakfast and eating their oatmeal and blueberries. But you could order tea. Or order nothing. I doubt they'd kick you out!

  3. Wonderful art! Glad to see so many happy and engaged people.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I was glad to see them too! It was unusual for Starbucks. Not a laptop in sight!

  4. What a varied bunch of people you get to see and sketch. Great job :-)

    1. It's so much fun Ann. A visit to Starbucks guarantees a house full of subjects to draw. They pretty much sit still and for a good amount of time too. Try it you'll like it. Any coffee shop will do.


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