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Monday, December 1, 2014

Monuments, War memorials, by Elaine (jaguarish)

Recently, Urban Sketchers had monuments for a theme, so I ran around Brisbane and sketched a few. This first one shows some details from inside the Clayfield Memorial School of Arts, which also has a few memorial plaques on its grounds, but they are not terribly interesting (typical giant rock with brass plaque).  The school was built in 1925 as a memorial after the Great War (which we now call World War I).  It now houses the local branch of the Returned Services League (association for soldiers returned from duty).

This next one shows some statues from Lutwyche Cemetery. I hurried a bit because I was feeling hot, plus some carousing men at the central gazebo were unnerving me (not sure if they were homeless or just unemployed layabouts, but their entire conversation was at a much louder than normal volume).  So the ladies on the right hand page are a bit short-legged...

Last, this sketch was done in the middle of a bushwalk (what Australians call a hike) last Easter, in a hurry again as I was trying not to inconvenience my walking companions.  It's known as the "German monument" and was built by German prisoners of war, to commemorate their fellow Germans who had died while imprisoned at Arakoon (now a National Park, where we were camping).  A few such prisoners are buried in the area around the monument.  One of the headstones and low wall around the grave are shown in the foreground.  That's my daughter resting in the shade of the monument.


  1. I like all if these and the challenges each presented to you for their completion. Your daughter sitting on the final one is a lovely addition to this monument!

  2. Really good to see you have got into this Theme Elaine, love your sketches.

  3. Elaine, these are all great! I love the way you composed the first page and how neatly it was done!! Great job on the statues and the monument at the bottom.

  4. Thanks Lynn, Ann, Joan -- lately I am finding the story behind the sketch (what happened to me on the day of sketch) almost as interesting/amusing as the sketch itself... glad you find these of interest. I couldn't resist posting them since I just did them recently, but I do hope to do some new ones for the theme now.

  5. You have sketched so many war monuments. There are so many war monuments in the world! Beautiful sketches, Elaine:)


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