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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ten minutes (outside), construction site, by Elaine (jaguarish)

I just realised I didn't follow instructions today, as I went outside to draw something in ten minutes.  Oops!  This is the site of a massive development of a new shopping centre.  The ten-minute idea dovetailed nicely with my need to do a quick one, as the weather is too hot for me to hang around too long.  With time constraints I measured nothing and squished everything into the picture without worrying about relative positions -- just drew it in there if I wanted to include it. An interesting antidote to my usual predicament of sketch subjects always being larger than my paper (hmm, why does that always happen...?)

This is one of the roughest sketches I've done in a long time, but I really enjoyed the freedom of line that came with rushing it, funnily enough.


  1. I've no idea what rules you broke! Sokay with me that you went outside to do your ten minute sketching! Yes I agree the time constraint can make for looser lines! Enjoying the details of your construction site! Nice you got so much in!

  2. Outside is as good as inside Elaine...glad you went for it! Lucky you have hot weather too, it's cold and windy here, brrrr!

  3. Well, you did say "pick something in your home and draw it in ten minutes." Thanks for letting me off the leash. :)

    1. No leashes here, loose rules! We like outside the box thinkers!


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