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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ten Minute Drawing, Lynn Cohen

I had some spare time in my office today so I took ten minutes to draw this chair. Used an office pen. It's a Uni Ball. Not my usual Vision Elite art pen, but it did just fine. Welcome to my office.
You don't want to sit in that wicker chair. It's coming apart. I don't let anyone sit there.
I have two other perfectly good chairs for clients to sit in, and one looks just like this one. Even has the matching pillow. The picture leaning up against the wall behind the chair is a very good watercolor I got from a former neighbor of some 45 years ago! She is an excellent painter.

Are you enjoying this challenge? I sure am!


  1. I like the way you did the weave of the chair. Very nice sketch of it and the pillow! Does anyone ever sit in it before you can stop them?

  2. Thanks Joan, to answer your question, not yet!

  3. There is no doubting this is a wicker chair how you have conveyed this into a ten minute sketch.

    1. Thanks Ann...glad it came out as such!

  4. Wow your line work is wonderful in this one. It has a simple directness of including just the lines that are needed.


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