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Friday, November 28, 2014

Ten minute Stuffed Pumpkin drawing by Lynn Cohen

We had delightful company all afternoon today. Then after a quick bite to eat I was cooking for a big family party tomorrow. I do not normally spend a lot of time in the kitchen (except at the computer and drawing journal); so to be playing with food is an anomaly. I stuffed this big pumpkin, my friend gave me yesterday at the end of her Thanksgiving feast. I stuffed it with cooked wild rice, brown rice, mushrooms, onions, a tart green apple, cloves of garlic, herbs and will ...serve it with the roasted vegetables baked too. (yams, onions, string beans, mushroom, pecans, garlic cloves, small tomatoes, herbs). I know I will eat well. Others will add turkey to their feast. Vegan Me, this is more than enough.

(for the drawing I used some oil pastels I had never touched before, Winsor & Newton watercolors and my new fav cheap Pilot Varsity fountain pen!)


  1. Looks yummy! Glad the pumpkin still had a life...model and dinner. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks Joan. It will be a lovely addition to our table today.

  3. Cooking plus painting what you have cooked...Excellent Lynn :-)

  4. Interesting colours, and kudos for trying a new medium!


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