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Monday, November 17, 2014

Ten Minute Drawing by Lynn Cohen

I set the timer on the stove, got out my Uniball Vision elite pen whose ink flows smoothly across the worst of papers, and started in the lower left corner using contour one liner drawing for chair, backpack,  small table; then husband entered the room with his coffee, settled in his chair and I drew him quickly, then the secretary drawers and boots behind him, then moved over and added the stair railing and the cats toy mouse hanging off them.  And then the bell rang and I stopped! 


  1. Excellent drawing in 10 minutes Lynn :-)

    1. Thanks Ann, and for the suggestion for this theme!

  2. That was a great way to do a 10 minute sketch! Love the continuous line work!!

  3. Lynn, I *love* this! Such a lively and fresh sketch!


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